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Launched in 2008, Tactical Research was created with the mission to produce innovative footwear for the tactical user. Utilizing global sourcing, athletic construction technologies, and advanced components; the boots we produce transcend the typical boundaries of conventional boot brands and address the needs for purposeful, high performance tactical boots. 

A highly unique brand with a unique name, “Tactical Research” is simply based on guiding philosophy behind this brand. With design features and construction methods that closely align with the current trends of the athletic and outdoor markets, Tactical Research boots combine lightweight aggressive designs with high performance features to enhance agility and traction on various terrain. 

As a wholly-owned brand of Belleville Boot Company, Tactical Research has behind it over 110 years of boot making knowledge and experience.  Since 1904, Belleville has been a reliable and trusted footwear manufacturer, not just a brand; therefore, developing, designing and making boots is our expertise, not just an afterthought.  And with each pair of Tactical Research boots produced is the adoption of the same state-of-the-art materials and durability of our traditional Belleville-brand boots, but enhanced with the comfort and style of running shoes.

 Simply put, our boots are built to stand up to all the wear and tear that a traditional or emergency experience can dish out.

Trust begins with TR.