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ImageBelleville and Tactical Research by Belleville

Two brands in lockstep. Two brands locked and loaded on a single mission: To stay one step ahead ... so you can, too.

Belleville is The oldest and one of the largest manufacturers of U.S. specification military and law enforcements boots.

Our experience, knowledge and dedication allow us to make boots that meet and exceed the standards and needs of today's U.S. Armed Forces and civilian personnel.

Belleville continues to be an industry leader in the research and development of new boot technologies by investing heavily in cutting-edge, computer driven technology, superior materials, and state-of-the-art construction

Your boots need to be tough, reliable and up for any challenge. Belleville has been manufacturing military footwear since WWI, and they make boots that can stay the course whether you’re trekking over deserts or traversing mountains. Belleville boots are made to protect your feet in comfort, allowing you to focus on your job and not on your aching feet. These sturdy boots are a top choose for both men and women, and come in styles that are right for military, law enforcement and anyone else who needs boots they can count on.

ImageBelleville tactical boots come in a wide range of models, appropriate for different jobs and environments.

You’ll find lightweight models that help you stay fast and nimble on your feet, incorporating running-shoe technologies for an efficient foot strike.

If you need a boot for harsh weather conditions, you’ll find insulated and waterproof boots that keep your feet dry and warm.

Desert and jungle boots come in materials that breathe, wick and drain quickly to give you the best performance even in brutal weather.

Belleville boots are available in different heights and colors, with various closures and in materials ranging from leather to nylon. You’ll find models that meet military requirements as well as styles that are suited for off-duty activities. 

Women's Sizes


Belleville does offer many boot styles that are specifically manufactured for women.  

All Belleville style numbers that begin with an “F” indicate a boot specifically designed and sized for women.

If a particular style of boot is not available in women’s sizes, we recommend ordering the boot 2 full sizes smaller.

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